Jun 21 12 9:45 PM

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I was just wondering who out there shares the above interests. So much good blowgun info here, I wanted to mine for other stuff, too. I've been learning and practicing stone-age crafts and tech since I was a kid, and the internet, it turns out, has been a huge boon for us neo-aboriginals. I'd be happy to share what I know and do, and am curious about others experiments and hobbies.
  I began playing with sling-staffs a while back and have made and seen some pretty effective designs. The most novel was a staff 8' long with a sling that was 5' long on it. We threw a champagne bottle a RIDICULOUS distance with it! The most useful was a staff about 5' long with a sling about 3' long. I got pretty accurate with it, and once when I was practicing a guy came by on a bike. He paused and watched for a while, then asked if he could try it. His first throw he beaned a bucket dead-center at about 40 yards with a rock that would have brained an elk. He said he was going home to make one and raced off at top speed. Never caught his name...