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add a photo to your posting establish an account, it is free, with Photobucket http://photobucket.com/ . Once you have
uploaded your photo(s) to your Photobucket account run the cursor over “Library” then click “View Library”. This will show
a Thumb Nail of your uploads. Click the desired Thumb Nail and it will open. To the right of the enlarged photo you will see “Links to share this
photo”. The second option down is “IMG” with a white dialog box prefilled with something like http://1198photobucket.com
(the wording may change over time) click that box and the wording will be replaced briefly with “copied” in a yellow field. Paste this to wherever you want your photo to
appear. After pasting press the space bar. Log out of Photobucket when finished. IT IS ADVISABLE TO USE THIS METHOD RATHER THAN POSTING YOUR PHOTO DIRECTLY TO THE FORUM IN ORDER TO SAVE SPACE ON OUR SERVER. Photos are memory hogs. Remember, if for some reason you delete the photo from Photobucket you also delete it from your post on the forum.

At one time it was possible to use the link on the right side of the Blowgun’s Forum page under “Pictures on Photobucket”, the password is “bluegun” to open. Unfortunately with the newer version of Photobucket this is no longer possible although one can still view and download older photos previously posted there but it is no longer possible to upload.This is an updated post replacing the original. Some of the following posts may relate to the original and no longer apply.

To post a video, upload your video to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/ . If you do not have an account you will need to make one. There is no charge. Then play your video on YouTube to obtain the address, (URL). Copy the video’s address and paste to your post. After pasting and hitting the space bar a new box will open at the bottom of the entry box saying "YouTube link detected:" If you want viewers to see the video with your post choose “Expand video links in post” otherwise select “Leave video links as links”.

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