Mar 13 12 3:44 PM

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Hello guys i am new here at the forum. I was wondering if any of you had any experience with the two piece Big Bore  blowgun.Is it any good? is it heavy and sturdy? any air leaks? how is it  as a hunting tool? i am used to a 5 foot .625 caliber blowgun made from 1/2 inch galvanized steel conduit electrical pipe.I don't know how much that weights but is the weight and heft similar to that of the Big Bore two piece? How do the razor tip broad head perform do they fly flat or do they sink quickly like coat hanger darts? How is there killing power?  I also have some kill pics with my homemade blowgun, if you guys want to see that i can post the pics.But i don't know how to upload them any help on that will be appreciated.