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Dec 6 11 12:27 PM

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so ronwiththewind how bout making one?Also i think a chat would be awesome and the forsale page would be cool as well just things to make this forum more spicier.

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Dec 6 11 2:24 PM

I don't even own a cell phone and have no desire to have one. Cell phones and chat widgets are both sources of excess noise in my opinion (I still use smoke signals! ).

If you have an exchange of messages with another person using a chat widget then either the dialog is lost to everyone else or they have to look at another place to check for messages besides the categories we have now. Ditto for the for sale page. Most people make things for themselves or buy from a commercial vendor. I don't think many people would want to pay shipping charges for a second hand or home made blowgun. If you do have something for sale, post a message in the Off-Topic Area (or General if blowgun related) and virtually everyone will see it.

Sometimes simple is better.

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Ate Up!!

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Dec 6 11 6:26 PM

Check the Lefora Forum forum, maybe they already have one. If not, you'll have to create it. We are "app ignorant."

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Dec 10 11 9:44 PM

OK so what about instant IM? That would be cool.....What do you think neondog?

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