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This forum is exclusively reserved for the discussion of matters DIRECTLY related to competitive target shooting.

If, after reading this post in it's entirety, you have ANY doubts concerning the suitability of your post, please post in one of the other categories.

The administrators/moderators reserve the right to move or delete any posting which contravenes either the letter or the spirit of this forum category.


Guys, it's not 'my style' to try to write a full set of 'rules' to cover any possible situation.  You're 
all intelligent, and literate, enough to understand that the purpose of this section of the forum is to provide a place free from any discussion, promotion or even mention of the use of the blowgun for anything other than target sport competition.

Equally, there is to be no 'bashing' whatsoever of those who choose to use blowguns for their 'traditional' purposes.

There are three very good reasons for this new category....

1) Equality:-

The two principle facets of blowpiping are hunting & target shooting. Up until now, we "targetmen" have had to share the 'General' category, which currently contains five times as many postings as any other, whilst the Hunters have had their own since the beginning. It's only right & fair that Target Shooting now establishes it's own unique & special 'place' here too.

2) Respect:-

There are many human beings who for religious, cultural or purely personal reasons are less than comfortable with the general concept of hunting, or who live in places where it is illegal or highly-regulated. It behoves us as caring humans to provide a place where those people can feel comfortable, welcome & respected.

3) Promotion:-

The growth & popularity of the sport as a safe, cheap, sociable & accessible experience for the masses would be enhanced by having a place which can be positively viewed by authority & establishment figures and the popular media, as well as by city-bound potential converts.

Subjects for welcome discussion here include:-

Hosting competition events & forming/running target shooting clubs & National/regional Associations

-including working towards eventual Olympic recognition/participation.

Upcoming competition announcements & their subsequent results & reports

Commercial & modded/self-made equipment specifically for target shooting. Design, construction & performance testing of:-

-pipes & accessories
-darts; cones, shafts & tips
-quivers & holders
-targets & scorecards
-range design/safety

Techniques & disciplines for better marksmanship

Personal observations about practice/competition performances/happenings

Proposed rules/rankings/titles/classes revisions & modifications

The promotion & expansion of the sport in established & 'virgin' territories, and it's re-establishment in places where it has been made illegal.


Guys, you know what I'm talking about. Use your discretion, use your common sense, and help make this a place that we can proudly show off to even the most 'uptight' non-shooter & have them leave here having a better impression of the sport than they had when they arrived.

It's in all our interests, at the end of the day.

Aslan K Freeman aka Deadly Aslan

Zaandam, Netherlands

Dec 12th 2010