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Jun 1 17 6:53 PM

Finally think I have my Hacker 330SC 1000mm plane back in prime form again.  After that nose-in crash it took me two tries to get it repaired.  Two (so far) almost invisible breaks that didn't appear until later under larger loads.  Last was a hairline crack in the motor firewall that fatigued and failed after about 5 minutes flying.  Carbon fiber tape to the rescue once again!  ;-)

You might notice a quick little shake/glitch in the video.  That's my editing.  I failed to delete a couple of keyframe points in the final editing when I was going back through all the pan/cropping to track the plane towards the center of the screen all the time.  I adjusted a couple of keypoints and forgot to delete some of the old that were right next to it.  So - both views and a glitch!  HA!   Not worth another 2 hours processing time to correct.

Tunes are a new artist I've discovered - Reina Del Cid.  Plenty of YouTube videos - just small time so far.  Minnesota I think......

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Jun 1 17 8:31 PM

I got my Axis XS-480 down and prepped it for flight.  And added a GoPro style camera mount.  Not a camera plane, but you never know what you'll get.  I put little Mobius Mini 1080p 60FPS camera on it shooting rearward.
Flew fine, but I could tell it was a bit heavier - the plane tended to fly a bit faster.

The landing gear design on this is quite ingenious.   Trademarked by StevensAero I think.  Simple but very solid engineering-wise.  Simply a u-bend landing gear wire, a standard dowel rod and rubber bands.  But, as you can see, works great!  Better than most any landing gear design I've ever had.  On the bench I noticed those old rubber bands were getting old and brittle, so I replaced them before this flight.  With the way I hit on the final landing, I'm sure glad I did!  But the gear worked liked a champ.....


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Jun 8 17 11:01 AM

New airplane to replace my Hacker Extra 330SC.  I still love the Extra but I can tell its starting in on its "old age" now.  It takes more and more tweaking to keep it in flying condition.  The US has lost its last Hacker distributor (it's a Czech based company) so all you can get here now are the remaining stock, and the larger models of these acrobatic/3D planes are all I can find left in stock.  I wish the 1000mm's were still available, but I sure can't find any (without ordering from Europe and paying out the rear for shipping.)
So I bought this - a Hacker Edge 540 1200mm.  It's a monster.  The larger airplanes are actually easier to fly, but harder to store and transport than the smaller.
It looks almost identical to the Extra on the outside - just bigger.  But there are a lot of differences internally.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a prop adapter for the motor I had in stock (4mm dia shaft) so I had to order some in from Heads UP RC in Florida.  I had 3mm, 3.17mm and 5mm in stock, but no 4mm!  Figures.  No matter how much I plan, I often end up overlooking something.  The adapter should be here in the next few days and I'll go ahead and mount the prop.  In the meantime, I have another Eagle A3 gyroscopic like I have in my Extra that I love coming.  In fact just got here, so I'll install that and map it to a switch so I can turn it on/off in flight if I need.  Everything else is installed and tested.

So, here's a comparison of the sizes.  Old 40" Extra 33SC and the new 47" Edge 540.  Big and little brother.  This one weighs in at 26+ ounces (~740 grams) flight ready.   A great weight for such a large airplane.


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#404 [url]

Jun 9 17 8:52 AM

Here's the build video for my new Edge 540 47" airplane.   As usual, the quality of the kit was great.  A lot of airplane for only $80 shipped to my door.  I was going to use an old RimFire motor I had, but discovered I didn't have the right size prop adapter for it.  Then I remembered the old Scorpion motor I had in my FunCub.  Scorpion motors are like the gold standard of motors, but they are EXPENSIVE!  This motor alone is a $70-$80 motor.....  It's around 300 watts and should work great.  The only part of the build I didn't care for was the vertical stabilizer in the tail.  The battery on this one goes in from the bottom, so you have to sit it on it's back when prepping for flight.  So it's resting on the tail.  It's fine for the Extra as you don't have to turn it over and the stabilizer isn't nearly as tall.  But this one felt a bit flimsy.   I've lost the vertical stabilizer in flight before and the results are NEVER pretty.  So I added a couple of little carbon fiber rods to beef that area up.  Feels much stiffer back there now.

At first I didn't like the rudder throw.  So I installed a longer servo arm on the rudder and now I get full throw all the way to the elevator on each side.  The rudder is an important control surface on these type airplanes.

All up flying weight is right about 27 ounces, which is VERY light for a plane this size.  It should really float.

The video is longer than most I do.  I don't worry so much about length and other stuff for build videos as they are intended to be instructional rather than entertaining.  So I try to get a lot of detail in.  I've gone back to review a build more than once when I have to do a repair and want to remember how I built a plane.  Plus it might help another modeler build one like this.


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#405 [url]

A guy I used to fly with long ago happened to stumble across my Hacker Edge 540 build video and sent me a private message.  He said he liked the looks of it and wondered where I got it.  So I told him Hacker has lost its USA distributor and the kits being sold are just the ones left in stock here.  And I said it was bigger than  I expected and would barely fit in my Jeep. 
So he offered to buy it.  And I sold it to him for what I paid - $80.  Plus I included the servos as it would have been more work to take them and and for him to put in new ones - mainly just running the darned wires inside the fuselage.  So it had never even flown.  He got it last week.  So he got a good deal - didn't have to put it together and got 4 servos thrown in, as well as getting one of the few remaining planes left in stock in the USA.  And I got to build it - which I enjoy.

I took the $80 and put it with $5 more and bought this little kit.  Much more my size.  Multiplex ParkMaster Pro.  It's a "profile" plane made of flat pieces of foam, except this one has a true airfoil wing.  It's a true 3D airplane that can do all kinds of strange maneuvers.  IF you have the skill - which I don't but like to try anyway.  Interesting landing gear on this one.  Unlike any I've ever seen before.  No wire.  The struts are carbon fiber strips that glue in to mounting brackets.  I'm normally not a fan of wheel pants as I see no practical use for them on a RC plane and can even impede taking off from grass.  I normally leave them off.  But on this design the wheel pants are an integral part of the landing gear.  So I added them. 

Soooo - here's the build of it.  I had everything else in stock as I pulled everything but the servos out of the old Hacker plane I sold....
19 ounces - all up flying weight.


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