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Feb 3 10 5:38 PM


This is the one I bought - 808 keychain camera.  There are a lot of these on the market all coming from Hong Kong.  If you buy one be SURE to get the 720x480 resolution on and NOT the 640x480.  The 720x480 shoots 30FPS - the other is a crappy 20-25FPS and the video is JERKY.  Ask me how I know - sigh. ;-)
You can buy them with built in memory but the firmware on those are often really crappy.  Either get on w/out memory and buy the TF card yourself, or get one with the TF card included like I did - but don't get internal memory.  Again - ask me how I know - sigh. ;-)

Nope no zoom feature.  It shoots either video or it will do stills too.  Does 'fair' in low light - NOT real dark though.  I've learned so far that I can get about 40 minutes of video on my 4Gbyte card.  I've heard it will handle 8G cards as well so that would double it.  Not sure what the battery charge life is but I've heard over 1 hour.

Here's the ones I bought.

Here's a flight I did today with two of these mounted - one shooting forward and one shooting aft.  River Park West, Tulsa Oklahoma.  A nice view of the river and downtown - and an amphitheater they use to put on concerts.

Put it to a little Leon Russell music.  He had some brain surgery a few weeks back I hear and haven't heard how he's doing.  I'm afraid his health isn't so good and he's only 67.  Music is also appropriate as Tulsa is his home town.  In fact I graduated the from the same high school as him - Will Rogers.

Here's to good health Leon!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Feb 3 10 7:11 PM

Cool!  I just watched the helicopter indoors that you filmed with the tiny camera on a headband. Blowgunner62 just said, sounds like a set-up that'd work for filming shots with a blowgun too (either with the headband or mounted on the blowgun). 

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Feb 3 10 10:14 PM

Here's the "Bible" of these little gumpack/keychain cameras.  Bookmark THIS link if you buy one.  It's got all the detailed info.

Buy at your own risk.  I got a lousy one (low res) and then wised up and got a couple of pretty good ones.  Don't buy the 640x480 unless you know the version you're getting.  On some of the lower res you can turn off the date/time stamp.  Get the 720x480 30FPS and you're pretty sure to get something fairly good.
Some (like mine I think) have firmware that can't be changed (at least so far) - probably cheaper ROM stuff or something.  Hell - the camera is so cheap just almost just throw it away, still have the 4Gbyte memory card and get the next better one it's looking like!

For anyone that buys one - bookmark THIS link.  It's got all the detailed info.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Feb 7 10 6:13 PM

I kind of 'inherited' a new plane the other day.  A Mountain Models Magpie AP platform.  This is specifically designed to carry high quality cameras up to shoot aerial photos and/or video.  It's by far the largest I've ever flown with a 54" wingspan and weighing in over 2.5 pounds (1.1+ kilos for my metric friends).  Speaking of Tesla, this is a brushless motor setup that can generate up to 300 watts of power.  I'm running a 11.1 volt 2250mAh 3 cell lipo battery on it.  After this flight, when I recharged the battery, it took about 670 mAh back.  That's out of 2250.  It's not good to discharge lipos too low but one could probably fly 3 times this long and be safe.

A really nice flying airplane.

So... here's the maiden flight of the Magpie from a head-cam view:

Same flight from two on-board 808 keychain cams:

I like to run on board cameras on a maiden flight specifically to look for problems.  This is a classic example.  Notice the tail horizontal stabilizer flexing extremely.  That's a failure waiting to happen.  After reviewing the video I made a repair by gluing in a length of 1/8" carbon fiber rod - punching it through the fuselage under the horiztontal stab.  It's stiff now!  I'm anxious to try it again now, it should fly much more stable.

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Feb 7 10 9:08 PM

Very nice, Thunker! 

Largest R/C plane I own/ have flown is a Midwest Sweet-N-Lo Stik, 84" wingspan and a 50cc Quadra gasoline motor with a 20x10 Zinger wood prop on it.  Flies great, until you chop the throttle that is, because it has a glide slope only marginally better than a grand piano.  Very thick symmetrical wing, engine hanging out in the breeze with no cowl, and no consideration made for streamlining whatsoever.  Smallest is a Herr Piper cub with a 35" wingspan and a 280 direct drive electric motor on 8.4v NiMH.  And lots of stuff in between.  My favorite is my Goldberg SuperChipmunk, 64" span semi-symmetrical wing, K&B .61 with Perry pump and carb, Pitts style muffler, and an APC 12x6 composite prop on it.  Very aerobatic, tons of vertical performance and also lots of straight and level speed, but docile low-speed handling too with the flaps down and part throttle on approach.  Don't own/have never put a camera in any of my planes, but have always thought that would be a cool thing to do...


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Feb 7 10 10:21 PM

Thanks Billy.  I've only been in the hobby for about 2 years and a lot of that was just on RealFlight.  Started on a Slow Stick, etc, etc....  Flying the large slimers (no insult intended) is waaaay out of my league for now.  It's cool to know another pilot that can fly that stuff though.  Do blowguns and R/C pilots have something in common?  HA HA!

A 20 INCH PROP!  WOW!  Way out of my league.  This little Magpie I'm running a 12 incher.  And that's a 3.8 slow flyer pitch to boot!  ha ha.  I have a little Corsair that I run a hotter prop on though. I'm just not too good at flying everything yet, but I'm working on it!

Say - check out this dude that I saw a while back at a local club.  Sorry, I didn't have a very good camera at the time - just my little HP digital job.  But this dude was good - and maybe flying the scale you're talking about with a 20" prop!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Feb 8 10 7:44 AM

That YAK was impressive, and most certainly way more expensive than I could justify for a model!  I got into the hobby back in 1989, but kinda drifted away from R/C a few years ago.  Still have all my planes and equipment, just don't have the urge to go out and fly them anymore.  My current flying itch that I scratch when I can, is building a 1:1 scale (yep, FULL SIZE) Pietenpol homebuilt aircraft.  The original, built in 1929, was powered by a Ford Model A engine.  Mine will eventually be powered by a 6 cylinder Chevy Corvair engine converted for flight use. 

I don't have much done yet, but building a full size plane in your garage is a long-term project.  As many scratchbuilt balsa R/C planes as I have built, this is no different except for the amount and size of the pieces.  If I recall, each wing rib has about 34 pieces, and there are 30 ribs to build.  So far, I have the rudder and vertical stab built, the elevators done, and have cut most of the wood for the horizontal stab.  I drew up the full size template for my ribs a few nights ago, but still need to build the jig for the ribs.  Waiting on parts for my bandsaw right now, as I went out to cut some wood for the rib jig the other night and the upper blade guide support on my 14" Delta bandsaw broke into 3 pieces as I was trying to get the blade guide adjusted... 


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Feb 8 10 12:43 PM

Wow - sounds amazing Billy.  Post some pics when you can!  I've never seen a full scale RC I don't think.  If I recall correctly that YAK in the video was a 40%....

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Feb 8 10 8:56 PM

The full scale plane I'm building is NOT an R/C plane, but one that I will be flying from in the plane and not on the ground via a radio transmitter.  I will try to post some pics soon, my folder with my photos is a completely unorganized mess right now and I'm not sure exactly where the photos of my Pietenpol parts are right now.  But if you want to see what a Pietenpol is, here's a website that is THE reference standard which all Pietenpol builders visit frequently.  I've met several of the guys whose planes are shown here, sat in a few of the planes, and chat with many of them on a daily basis via a forum for Pietenpol builders and pilots.


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Feb 9 10 8:33 AM

Good one. That was soooo a dummy. The same applies if the guy was actually riding on it.grin

The Homemade Blowgun Association Air Powered Hunting

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