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Nov 15 09 3:52 PM

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Can I play paintball with my .50 cal 60" Commando blowgun? I want a splatmatic semi-auto mouthpiece attachment too - - - where can I find it?

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Dec 10 09 2:48 AM

We are also working on a new .50 caliber ball that will work with our CT Competition barrels as the present balls on the market are a tad to big for the CT’s… Just goes to show how close our CT’s are to the mark. We do have some standard barrels that will work with the paintballs left. The Commando uses the standard barrels thus the paintballs on the market presently will work, the ID is huge on standard barrels.

We also have some really cool .50 caliber paintball pistols coming in after the 1st of the year. They are totally awesome, I’m impressed.

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Oct 19 10 12:20 AM

Here in the tropics, a 50 cal paintball wil just not break. The heat and humidity make them a bit soft and it is similar to shooting someone with a rubber bullet! Tried refrigerating them but it just does not work well in temperatures above 30 C or over 85% humidity.

Why is abbreviation such a long word?

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Dec 12 10 3:36 AM

The new downsized balls we have are coming in at .497 - .498 and is much improvement over the previous they were doing. They will work with the .505 CT's but are a bit to big for the .495 - we still have some .505 CT's from the very first batch but have run .495 on all loads after that.

If somebody does want the newer downsized balls make sure to let me know when you order, as we still have some of the standard sized balls as well and those are allot bigger. If you're confused as to what CT sizing you have let me know and I'll see if I can pinpoint it. Certain colors were exclusive to the .505 CT run while others were not.

The balls we have are the best quality on the market as well. I've seen the other .50 cal China made balls on the market and ours are of a much better quality, shell wise and material wise. The China balls are bigger than the new downsized American balls also and will not work in any of the CT's. Ordered some direct from the manufacturer to test.

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