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Nov 5 09 4:32 AM

Crossliner, I'm still wating on the darts you sent to me a year or so ago wink
Dave aka MysticaL

Dave aka Mystical

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Nov 5 09 5:37 AM

Crossliner, I'm still wating on the darts you sent to me a year or so ago [image] Dave aka MysticaL


Wha?! Hehe! But you did receive the Maglite holder I sent thru Sphingid right? Anyway if your address is still the same I will send some to you again. The cheapest mails I opted was ok twice coz Mark Rogers did receive the 2 packages. It was my  guy who did the mailing so I really dunno what happened. I'll personally do the mailing this time Mysticl. Gd pm every1 and thanks Neon. The center punchers are rimmed Billy. There are plenty of pics in the archives and you can see the plastic plates and tarp target faces we Filipino guys utilize. Ciao! 

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Nov 5 09 11:37 AM

Ahhhh, was just messing with ya, but would still love so have some. Ya I still have the maglite holder, it works nice, thanks. My address has changed if a ever get around to sending a few of your disk darts, but like I said it's no big deal, and even if so no hurry.

Take care mate
Dave aka MysticaL

David Vonch
2592 N Old SR 62
Madison, IN 47250

Dave aka Mystical

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Nov 5 09 9:37 PM

I'd just like to point out at this stage in this turn this conversation has taken to point out that I did make a reference in a reply to Jan about "Crossliner's exquisitely concentric dart disks"... thus anticipating the turn the conversation took...even before I became a part of the conversation... nyuk nyuk.   Of course, I left out the part about how perilously close they shave the bore, since I did not know at the time the full extent of the close toleration of the X-liner's new punches.  And speaking of 'punch', Crossliner has beat me to it, by revealing that he will reveal pics of his carbon fiber disk darts... right when I was just about to gonna post something to the effect that I was wondering if he had any disk dart creations to reveal any time soon.  By the way, Crossliner, does "carbon fiber disk darts" mean the shafts are carbon fiber, or the disks are carbon fiber, or both?  I know you'd mentioned something about carbon kite spars before, so I'm leaning toward assuming shafts, but didn't want to make any carbon faux pas.  Also by the way, Crossliner, thanks for your good pm a few days ago, sorry didn't reply sooner, but was a busy week for me.  Good to be back.  Speaking of being back, nice to see ya Mystical.  I was thinking about you when Jan revealed his silver soldered broadhead... reminded me a bit of the broadhead you put together with throwing dart components.  Neondog, thanks for posting the bullseyes and the punch pic... especially with the angle and the close-up, it's kind of like a "punch in the face" but in a good way.  Also remember anybody trying to avoid cone/disk damage due to abnormally accurate darts/shooting, an alternative to those little yellow multi-bullseyes that Neondog posted is shooting mini-wands made from soda straws as per my earlier monograph on the subject.  Good post meridian to everywon.

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