Mar 20 17 1:06 AM

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Also known as geezer style blowguns , I just wanted to revisit the subject of blowguns that use the extra air behind the dart from breath  and turn it into extra pressure (psi) using a pop off lid (muzzle lid) and/or extra air chambers around the barrel. The last discussions I've found were years old and the results of these types of blowguns were up and down . The whole idea is just to amplify users breath without using co2 etc . 

I know in the smaller calibers.(40 .50 .56 ) that even with a 6-8 foot piece , all your lung capacity isn't being used so instead of adding length of barrel maybe adding wider air chambers around the barrel for extra  air pressure behind the dart after it starts nick from wouldn't take as much air as people think .If some one had the lung capacity to shoot a 6 foot .62 caliber they can easily shoot a 10 foot or longer barrel in true .50 half inch inner diameter pipe . That's a lot of extra air to work with if your .50 is only 6 feet or your .62 caliber is only 4 or five foot long . 

Has anyone here from the forum or elsewhere actually has success in dart speed / shot distance using this type of set up? Id sure like to hear if anyone knows a set and measured method that works without drilling through pipe after pipe and testing airflow ...