Nov 13 16 12:32 PM

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So sad.  Leon was a fellow alumni of my high school - Will Rogers High, although a few years before me.  When I was going to Tulsa University back in the 70's, I lived in a little apartment just a block away from the famous "Church Studio" here in Tulsa.  I would often see famous people going in and out of there, including Eric Clapton, Elton Bishop and Leon, too.  He lived in a big mansion about 2 miles from where I live today, but moved long ago.
I saw him perform several times back in "the day" here in Tulsa.  His song "Sweet Emily" was about his then girlfriend, Emily Smith (a VERY portly girl!), daughter of A. Ray Smith - a wealthy tycoon here in Tulsa.  When I was working as a glazier while going to college, one day I was manning the shop alone.  In walked Emily herself - big fancy Mercedes parked out front.  She had me cut her a pane of glass.