Apr 16 16 11:43 AM

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I think its been over thirty years since I last set out to kill some food that didn't live under water but I am less than eight months away from being eligible for a really good deal on a Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing license. Despite the fact that I can legally hunt Cottontails and most Squirrels here in Oklahoma with a blowgun I doubt that I will endanger any mammals in the near future but I will start favoring heavier darts and shooting in a wide variety of situations (upwards, toward the ground and different distances.)

Even in a survival situation I'd likely let an Oriole and even a Mockingbird co-exist since there is such a la rge invasive species population in my area. On the other hand, if I notice a Copperhead has taken up residence too near my house, he will not be treated with the same indulgence that I offered this one.image

Still speaking of survival situations, I would consider eating a few of these guys since they are literally climbing the walls throughout this county.image
I have heard a few people say that Tarantulas are not all that bad but I think it would be my next to the last resort since they are so cool.image
Next to the last on the big spiders because I also heard from Creek (Fat Guys in the Woods) that Scorpions are the nastiest tasting critter he has ever eatten.image
Food for thought.

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