Mar 18 16 8:33 PM

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Hey everyone ! Long time reader new to posting on the forum . Anyone care to discuss long range shooting ? At bit about my self .. I've followed the posts of many of the members such as David  Cook and I myself can achieve the same long distances as him .I live  in California where I train with breath weights three times a week . I would like to share some training secrets with you all . It's not necessarily how much air you use its how much pressure you blow it out with .  I use an 8 foot .56 caliber blowgun to shoot 3.5 to 5 gram nail/cone dart easily past 130 yards . Also due to breath weight training I use a .70 caliber 5.5 footer to shoot bow length/size arrows with cone and fletchimg on the ends .(15-30 grams 2 plus feet long , wood or carbon shaft)These max out at 45 degrees at 250-300 feet .Videos and pictures soon. Anyone have any questions please reply ... Have a great day !