Aug 29 15 1:38 PM

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I noticed that not many people have posted anything lately so I decided to tell you all a hunting story or two. Back in the winter I was training my redbone on a coon by my house. I tied my dog to a tree so that I could open the trap but when I did so instead of running up the tree like all others had, this coon ran right into my garage and hid under my car. I knew that I couldn't shoot a gun in the garage so I grabbed my blowgun and some broadheads. I fired two at the coon. One hit him in the head but didn't penetrate the skull, the other to my surprise slid right between the ribs hit his heart and dropped him.

Later on in the spring I was sitting in my blind waiting for turkeys when one literally walked into my blind I readied my blowgun but didn't shoot because it was a hen and I could only take bearded birds. But I'll try again in the fall.
(I know this sounds foolish and irresponsible which it can be but I only go for birds within ten yards and only aim for the head so l either will kill it or miss entirely and not wound it. I also use large broadheads but haven't been able to bag one yet.)

I would post pictures but I am one of the least tech savvy people I know and can't get it to work. Until next time fellow blowgunners.