Aug 5 15 4:58 PM

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I've got some relatives coming to see me for a couple of weeks, two of which have already recieved complementary blowguns and it occurred to me that this would be a great opportunity for a laid-back tournament.

We'll be shooting in my back yard so T-times will most likely be early morning before it gets too hot and possibly late evening if it cools down a little. If any participants are willing to brave the heat, I'm more than willing to join them despite the outside temperature.

Anybody out there that would like to attend please call at least a few days ahead to let me know what to expect as far as number of competitors.

Date: Aug. 22nd
Place: Cache, Oklahoma
Time: Flexible
Contact no.: Airee-ah Code 580 with the pre-ficks 483 and last but not least 1,876. Hopefully that is jacked up enough to keep the robots off my phone.  Call for address.

United States Blowgun Association