Feb 1 15 1:05 PM

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I am trying to put together an updated list of world records for 10 meter target, and Long Distance.

I seem to remember that Jean-Francoi ("Jeff") Bouvier shot a 25 meter long distance hit in a competition in France (was that in May 2007 ?) and that is considered the World Record.
However, I (and 6 others) witnessed Bruce Bell hitting a 36 meter shot in April 2004.    I thought I saw documentation that Jeff surpassed Bruce's distance, but I cannot find it anywhere.  Does anyone have that information, please?  Thanks.

For 10 meter target, I believe this is accurate: (showing the first record in the 190's starting in 2003, but anyone in the 200's since then)
Morikuni Matsumoto:  June 2003 (JP)   - 194Wayne Wilson:  June 2005 (US) – 198Dave Sustak:   March 2005, May and June 2006 (US) – 202Jean-Francoi Boumier:  May 2007 (FR) – 206Lionel Bellanger:  October, 2009 (FR) – 206Mitsuaki Yoshida:  July 2011 (JP) – 208 (However, he used a rear and front sight on his barrel, so the record is unofficial, as rear sights are disallowed under International regulations)Mitsuaki Yoshida:  October 2011 (JP) – 210 (1st Perfect score ever)

Please let me know if I've missed anyone.  Thanks, in advance, for your help.