Aug 3 14 6:53 AM

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I'm new to the forum and I've noticed that the majority of people say that Cold Steel's .625 mini broad head darts don't have much knock down power and should only be used to hunt mice and small birds. I'm wondering if people are confusing knock down power with poor shot placement. I haven't known how to make broadheads until recently so prior to this I only used mini broad heads and I was able to kill frogs and barn sparrows with ease. However I was also able to kill a rabbit with one shot to the brain and a 10 pound behemoth of a groundhog with one shot to to the lungs. Both of them died almost instantly. So personally I believe that the darts have the power but you need to be a crack shot. But then again if you can't make clean kills you shouldn't be in the woods to begin with. Thanks for reading and I look forward to everyone's input.