Jun 25 14 9:01 AM

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I have not logged in to this forum for a few months, maybe half a year since. This place used to be very lively before the host changes the format. I would log in a few times a week to update myself on the latest hunt and tips to build better darts etc. People like Joseph would post pictures of his trophies and everyone would chip in on the comments. The crowd here is friendlier than other forums where you would be put in a difficult situation if you say the wrong things. I just missed the atmosphere it used to be.

Here is my instructables that I have done a few months back on a way to make very lethal mini broadheads for cheap.


I have hunted BIG rats with these thing and it is very effective. It helps that the darts are light in weight and the blade area is wide enough to cause major damage in target.
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