Feb 7 14 8:52 AM

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This first photo is for a recycle idea that works instead of throwing it all out. Being in Mexico tequila is the national drink and inside the mouth of almost every bottle is one of these PITA jigger rigs that cause you to take 10 seconds or so to pour 1 ounce into a glass. I yank them out and normally throw them away but the last one I had taken out I looked at it closely and saw a small glass marble inside. So I quickly grabbed a pliers and crushed the surrounding plastic freeing the marble in the process. Jigger on left intact, free'd marble on right.
once you have your marble free you can make your stunner.
I know few people that go out hiking without a Kleenex in their pocket. Stuff this baby down your barrel and let her rip when needed!
Can be used on any caliber as long as it will fit down the bore. If your BG's barrel is larger just use more Kleenex to make a thicker patch to surround the marble.