Jan 8 14 4:21 PM

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Hi blowgunners! Its Lady YaYa from Seattle....I haven't been on the forum in a long while, and just checking in. I've been going through alot over the past year....moving my martial arts studio, my mom's health, travel, business, etc. My group's blowgun meets have been few over the past year, and I haven't been shooting everyday as I used too since moving my martial arts classes into an hourly-rate venue and the landlord isn't too keen about darts flying everywhere. But lately, random strangers have been getting interested in blowgunning and asking me to show them how to shoot, so I've been getting people over to my house every so often.

We're still plugging along over here in Seattle, but haven't had competitions as of late....I think we're getting close to having more soon!!

Anyhow, happy new year to everyone!