Dec 10 13 9:31 PM

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WELL, I Am so frustrated at this point, I had to Post this! - Much as I have been saying over the several decades that such nightmare may occur, I think it has come to bloom sorta speak! Hehe

Some major names in the industry, mainly believe it or not, airgun Mfg's have released Chinese made product to main channels here in the US and now distributed to many big named sport retailers, and some of the biggest retailers throughout the network!

That's all fine and dandy in my book, I have nothing against making money in a market, the problem with all this is, all of a sudden we start getting notice we sent the wrong caliber parts and so forth, Only to find, we actually sent what was ordered but trying to feed a supposed caliber Chinese made Blowgun!

For instance, 3 people in the last couple days claimed they purchased a Primal Warrior Blowgun I believe was the marketing name, that all stated it clearly had on the Box, and was also told buy such sport supposed experts it was a .50 caliber Blowgun! - One fella measured the ID of the barrel at nearly .80 caliber, with over 1" on the OD, and all others are coming in at math stat reports all across the Board! WELL, Math is Math, and .50 caliber, is well! .50 caliber, 1/2" etc., SO, in other words we can more or less take anything and call it anything, and have total disregard for Math I Guess? Hahaha

We are also hearing the same, as such retailers in the main field call a .40 caliber and etc! - I just Don't want to say any more!

The problem is with all this is these as these big name industry retail leaders enter into the blowgun field, and yet call whatever, a whatever, it just creates havoc for us main-stream Blowgun manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers to end sale retailers! Kind of look at it in this way! - Say you were a leading Gun Mfg, and offered Caliber sized known weapons throughout the Industry and all of a sudden all these new import products enter the market place and state this and state that in what it supposedly is, and purchased your ammo from leading Mfg here in the US and all of a sudden you realize it just doesn't fit ur new Chinese made Gun, and worse yet, you put in the right sized caliber ammo, and actually blew yourself up in the whole affair, due to supposed caliber size of what was sated on the Chinese Box!

WELL! - Perhaps Math has changed, and what always was, is perhaps, maybe something different now, and maybe I missed the boat perhaps! But from my era, when math stated 2 + 2 = 4 and Not really perhaps 7 that the Chinese Factory tries to portray that in what it might really be, I begin to question things a little! WELL, Maybe more then a little! Hmmmm

Is it really a wonder why a Professional leads with preferred precision equipment tool? Much like our leading sport teams in Japan, and I see they are particular and put allot in their sport tool preference, precision, and end product! - Same here with more than just a few of the leading score professionals that preferred us over the years here in the US, BUT, Despite us leading worldwide leaders, is there perhaps a New Math, we simply are not aware of? Hehe

Personally, if I was the new found inventor in all this, I would call this New Math and Technology simply "Chaos"!

Best, Bruce