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I started my interest in computers with a “Coleco” computer but then switched quickly to the butt kicking Commodore 64 OS that I used successfully for a while until I discovered the even more awesome Amiga OS !

 The Amiga allowed for full screen color animation and stereo sound......I was in love with Ms Amiga, a love affair that lasted many years and I owned at least 2 maybe 3 of them until poor management killed it off which lead to many buyouts of the brand name and many attempts to restart it with no success, I was crushed and it appears to only be a software company now.

 To say I was crushed and disappointed at Amiga's demise would be a huge understatement as I reluctantly switched to the much hated (by me) Windows (Windows 95) platform. I (and everyone else where I worked) was given our very own all in one B+W Apple Macintosh computer which sat on my desk to use when ever I wanted, a very forward thinking concept. In this company only the President had a secretary so the rest of us had this “fancy” computer to use.

 The above is a short version of my computer history with several brief excursions in Linux not included although they were frequent but short excursions that didn't go anywhere for me because I hated the Linux UI's I saw especially when compared to the Amiga, Windows and Mac UI's. UNTIL NOW!

 I dusted off my wife's old tired stock Dell Inspiron 1200 lap top (Windows XP OS still installed on a 30 GB hard drive [30 GB HD? Wadda concept] LOL) and installed Linux Lite It is a fast, easy to use and install version that has a UI like Windows so there is almost no learning curve required. It saw and connected to my wireless network without me doing anything except saying yes that is my network typing in the PW and allowing it to connect and BAM I was on line.

If you are a Windows user and have been flirting with the Linux option this might be the distro for you.

 Linux Lite check it out.

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