Sep 16 13 6:39 PM

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ok so a few weeks ago i got my first kill with the CS blowgun, a rabbit. i dont know if i got a good shot, it leeped realy high in the air when i hit it. it seemed paralyzed although i did hit it in the spine region. i shot it again with a miss, and with it being paralyzed i came in to dispatch it with a knife. it then leaped one more time, and was dead. eye poking test proven.

Today was my 2nd kill, a squirrel. after some stalking it ran up a tree and stared at me through the v of the branches, my first shot missed and i presume will stay put in the tree for a very long time. yet this shot hit the wood right under the squirrel, and being curious he lened out to sniff the dart giving me a perfect line up. i shot as hard as i could, and the squirrel vanished. i quickly heard rustling then a quick plop. instant kill. nerves shot it up a branch and it just tipped over. i knew it was dead by poking it in the eye with a stick. used a mini BH by the way for bolth kills. i only used my fiber optic sight for the squirrel.