Jul 20 13 3:27 PM

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I've been experimenting with my new Mobius camera utilizing it's "time lapse" photo feature.  You can set it to take still photos every 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.  It will shoot in various modes with 2304x1536 pixels being the highest resolution - as that's the resolution of the camera's sensor.  That's 3:2 aspect ratio which is a bit non standard.  I have learned that it's best to shoot the full 2304x1536 though - and then crop it off on top/bottom to a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.  Even after the cropping, the resulting image has a lot more resolution than just shooting 1920x1080 photo mode.

Anyway, here's a little experiment I did today.  Watching water go from solid, to liquid and then to vapor.  I.e. - watching ice melt!  :-)  Mobius ActionCam shooting 2304x1536 stills ever two seconds.  Total elapsed time about 40 minutes.  If you watch, you can see a housefly or two drop by for a drink now and then!  heh......

I'm trying to get a series of photos of the sun setting tonight - as I type.  Hoping for about 3 hours worth of photos every 10 seconds.  That should give me around 1000 photos to put together in a nice, condensed video.   I hope...  Still learning on this camera and time-lapse stuff.  Maybe some moon time-lapse is in the future too.  Moon is out tonight, but my battery will probably be about spent by then, after the sunset photos...