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Nov 24 08 3:42 PM

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How much lung power do you have to have to fire a .625 caliber blowgun. I've read that it is much harder than the 40. and 50. calibers, and that some people have trouble. Being a 5' 7" ,15 year old, I'm wondering if I could do it.
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Nov 24 08 7:03 PM

Welcome to the forum! I suggest you tell us whether you have been shooting a forty or a fifty caliber and also how long the blowgun you've been shooting is and whether you shoot commercial darts (wire with a plastic cone) or home made.
     This would help us determine where you are at currently and help us give you a more informed answer.

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Nov 26 08 8:09 PM

Woop's sorry, I accidentally put this on two forums. I on the general forum. I havent shot a blowgun in a while, mine got broken while moving. See the general forum for details, I dont like to type.

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