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#81 [url]

Oct 19 11 7:32 PM

na but i might try and get 1 up but i don't know where the cord to plug my camera into the computer is.

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#82 [url]

Oct 20 11 8:45 AM

that looks wicked dude, have you tried doing a video recording of it?


I have, but it's a huge, massive file.  Maybe I'll cook it down today and put it somewhere if anyone's interested.

Edit:  Go All Blacks.

Just take the damn shot already!

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#84 [url]

Oct 24 11 2:44 AM

ok so today while i was out and about i went to bunning warehouse in lyall bay and got me a .40 cal 1m long aluminium tube cos the 1.8m .62 cal steel tube already started showing rust on the inside and that annoyed me. anyway this new tube i bought for $5.27. at this price i couldn't resist. bought me a roll of green electrical tape to hide the shininess. i got home and within half hour i got me a new blowgun to add to my collection. i started making darts for my new blowgun while i was at it. the cone part was hard for such low calibre so i made a big cone and filled it with hot glue and let it set. once set i marked, cut and tested for tightness and cut some thin steel wire and sharpen for my shaft. assembled tested it and HOLI Sh1t.made some more of these hot glue cones and found some screws with enough weight. screwed into cone. aimed and fired at coke can and the thing went flying. tomorrow, will try with glass bottle in the shed to see if i can break it. this stung dart worked on the other one i made for my bro in law. will make some more BGs of diff calibre.

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#85 [url]

Oct 24 11 8:09 AM

Retrieved the above post from the spam bucket.

BTW: I would suggest to post similar stuff in a separate thread. This one's title is "Welcome"...

Regards - Pit

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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#88 [url]

Oct 24 11 7:50 PM

hey BGHunter, mine i.d for the above is 10mm. didn't find one of your calibre and length in the nanenae bunning either so i will try the CBD one. it seems they don't all stock the same. steering away from the chrome tower rails now as i discovered it starts rusting on the inside far too quick for my liking.

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#91 [url]

Dec 17 11 2:05 PM

Hello all. I have been lurking for a couple weeks and to finally come out of the wood work. You all have a nice forum here and I look forward to spending more time here.


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#95 [url]

Dec 19 11 1:21 AM

Howdy Jreed and welcome!

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