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Oct 18 11 5:23 PM

where in nz r u wang? just wondering.

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Oct 19 11 1:42 AM

I've been lurking on this forum for some time and finally decided to join in order to reply in the bead dart thread.I started BGing back in the curtain bead days with a 2ft .38.   Today I use a 3ft .40 but have been considering building more.  The tips I have found on this forum are going a long way to make that a reality.I don't hunt.  I am not morally opposed to it for subsistence, I just don't do it for fun; too easy.  I don't compete USBA/Fukiyado only because I don't know of any competitions near me, but I probably would if the opportunity arose.  I shoot at about the Iron rank level consistently averaging around 136.  Mostly I "plink" and practice my own brand of fukiyajutsu; the Art of the Blowgun as opposed to the Way of the Blowgun (fukiyaDO).  Similar to biathlon, my fukiyajutsu consists of shooting at various sized targets at various distances and elevations as opposed to fukiyado's consistent distance and target height.  All targets are 20 minutes of angle; the same size as the 7pt ring on a fukiyado/USBA target and you shoot until you hit it, then move on to the next target station.Currently I am entertaining myself with glow darts and shooting in the dark.  I use standard fluorescent orange target spots (Birchwood Casey) illuminated by a single 18" ultraviolet tube ("blacklight") in an otherwise completely dark room.  If you have the means, I highly recommend this; it's fun, looks super cool, and adds a new dimension to shooting.  You don't really know how good you are until you try shooting in the dark.I am as dedicated to BGing as I am long-winded.  [image]


that looks wicked dude, have you tried doing a video recording of it?

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Oct 19 11 1:43 AM

hey im from welly too. i get my pipe from bunnings in town. they sell a 2m length of 14mm id aluminium pipe for $10. what type of pipe is yours, how much did it cost and what is the wall thickness? I make my mouth pieces from bottles too but i sometimes find it hard to get a good shape so Im going to get a pvc connecter and will try that out tomorrow.

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Oct 19 11 2:01 AM

mine was about $20. wall thickness is approx 1.5-2mm thick. i chose the thicker one so even if it got knocked abit it's less likely to dent or deform. i made a cap to protect the muzzle out of a pvc butt cap from an old drain plunger. covered the metallic silver finish with electrical tape and today added a foam grip.

- 6ft 16mm i.d blowgun.
- 3.5ft 14mm i.d blowgun
- homemade dart made from coat hanger wires shot at approx 7m
- top part of 3.5ft blowgun with one of the dart.
- homemade darts. these easily penetrated aerosol cans and baked beans tin.

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#70 [url]

Oct 19 11 2:06 AM

10 bucks quite cheap for 2m. Might get one for shooting marbles, paintballs or steel shots.

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#71 [url]

Oct 19 11 2:11 AM

Replicas really just for target practise at various distance to work out how much compensation i have to make to get a good head or heart shot consistently. I got good lung power and gets good solid contact.=D

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Oct 19 11 5:26 AM

@Lane: Admins can only edit their own posts (for an unlimited time). They can delete posts made by others but not edit them. But in my opinion it is not necessary for anyone to post multiple messages within minutes while the first post can still be edited. This applies to everyone...

Regards - Pit

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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#76 [url]

Oct 19 11 12:24 PM

cheers, sorry about the multiple posts within minutes. new to this forum so not used to the not able to edit post after fixed time. and plus i was working from a smart phone so i couldn't type nearly as quick as i do on the puter. now that the other local member mentioned it i will refrain from doing so but a lil leeway be nice:D i'm really enjoying this community. been going through all the posts of interests but yeah this community is very friendly and informative:) i will contribute as much as time allows me. cheers all. have a great day:D

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#78 [url]

Oct 19 11 6:14 PM

Hey there bghunter. I bought it for $22.24 from mitre 10mega in petone. Its actually 1.8m according to receipt. Its called rail chrome. Found it on the end stand where the tower rails are. I used large tin snip to taper the inside to prevent cone from gettin caught where they cut the pipe n deburr it. I shoved pinky finger in a lil to make sure i cant feel any bumps. The seem is not noticeable. Hope that helps.

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#80 [url]

Oct 19 11 6:53 PM

All good. Have u got a pic of ur bg n darts?

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