Dec 13 12 10:01 AM

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I had one of these years ago, with a stock. Great for pest control- I even killed a skunk with it once. Anyway, I had some birthday money burning a whole in my pocket (my family just sort of trades checks around for birthdays) so I bought one. The next day I went rabbit hunting and brought it along just to play around with. Out of the box it was shooting tiny little groups right where I wanted them, so when a rabbit stopped running ten feet from me, I capped it. I must have hit the off button, because it just dropped dead in it's tracks.

Anyway, I have been trying to sort through the various mods available. Any suggestions? I like it as is, but have ordered a stock for it, and want to work on a longer barrel and more power. I'd rather buy drop-in kind of stuff than do any real machining or risky modifications to factory parts. The goal is to have a more powerful, scoped carbine for small game and pests, and I want to keep the factory parts as spares, so I'd prefer not to modify it irreversibly.