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Curare Five-Oh


Jan 1 17 5:40 PM

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Thanks for getting it set up so I can post.  I'm saying this here because it doesn't seem to work when I try to read or send a private message right now.  Also, I think I'm not always able to see replys to posts-- it looked like Targetzone replied to one of Fukiyaman's recent posts but I couldn't see what he said.  So even if you respond to my post here I may not be able to see it...

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Jan 1 17 6:10 PM

Supposedly everything will be fixed in time, but I don't think anything is being done during the holiday weekend. I think Monday, January 2, is the federally observed New Year's holiday, so they should get back to work by Tuesday. Your user name and avatar are not showing up in your posts now, but I just gave you a new title that does show up = Curare Five-Oh.

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